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Aldine is now GSB Digital

About Us

– Effective December 19, 2018 –

Aldine was a family-owned specialty printing shop located in the heart of New York City. After 36 years, the business was dissolved and selected assets of Aldine were sold to GSB Digital.  Aldine now operates as GSB Digital in the traditional print divison.

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Letterpress is a printing technique in which the paper is "pressed" by the letterpress plate while the ink is released at the same time. Letterpress will elevate any design to the next level of sophistication. Letterpress is sought out by follies such as the Queen of England to badass creative studios in Brooklyn, NYC.


Engraving is a timeless form of printing in which our engraving craftsman hand-feeds the paper into the press between two plates and is then smashed by two tons of pressure while the ink is released. Engraving will elevate its opaque inks from the paper, leaving a stunningly clean and crisp impression. It's trademark of authenticity is the "bruise."

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a quite dazzling form of printing where a sheet of foil is applied to the printed image, logo, copy, etc. Through just the right combination of heat and pressure, these special plates will release the foil to its fibrous destination. Foil stamping is a wonderful way to give your printed piece a bit more "flair."

Digital Press

Digital printing has come a LONG way. Aldine chose not to mess around with quality and bought the best digital press on the market—the HP Indigo. Digital printing is usually as good, if not sometimes a better choice than 4 color offset printing these days. With this impressive machine, we've printed some of the most beautiful lookbooks, brochures, catalogs, invitations, business cards, and more..

Offset Press

Offset printing, also known as offset lithography, is perfect for larger print runs using Pantone colors. It uses a metal plate to transfer an inked impression onto the paper being printed. Its popular benefits are consistently crisp, clear text, from fine lines to large coverage areas.


Thermography is wonderful alternative to engraving providing a similar "raised" effect at a lower cost. It involves a process which applies a clear resin to the ink which then heated and then cooled forming a raised texture in the desired pattern.


Embossing is a method of creating raised letters or patterns on paperstock. It consists in pressing a sheet tightly against two patterned plates in order to mold the surface of the sheet. As a result of pressing, parts of the surface of the sheet is raised and protrudes from the rest. This raised area form a particular pattern, which is an imprint left by the pressing plates.


Die cutting is for when straight edges are just not going to cut it. Use this technique for projects requiring custom envelopes, various shapes, "scoring" and more. Defined metal sharp blades, like a cookie cutter, cuts through paper stock in clean and crisp fashion.

Custom Index Tabs

Organize your manuals, handbooks, proposals, presentations and any other multi-page documents that need quick referencing with custom index tabs. Choose from an array of papers, weights and textures.